Do Not Track

I found this particularly interesting for the reason that I had done a lot of research on this topic about tracking, specifically server backups and data caching, so I really was intrigued to learn more. The three videos that I watched gave a glimpse into the idea that we are unknowingly tracked by a third party, as well as how our privacy is affected in the most subtle of ways. The first one, follows a girl whose daily routine consists of checking the internet. It puts into perspective just how much we do the same thing, and how the websites we visit and the terms that we search may be used by third party who is constantly collecting information about us. This information is readily available to them to use when needed.

I have always heard the term “cookies,” but never really understood what they were. The second video showed me what cookies are and exactly why they exist, as well as how powerful and sometimes dangerous they can become. It also shows the role they play in tracking information.

The final video I watched talked about the evolution of the computer as well as the Internet, further showing the advancements that have been made, which, as many would argue after watching these videos, have done more harm to society than good.


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