First Draft of Online Game

I am working with Mohamad Mahmoud for the online game. The idea behind it is just how far one would go for his dream. Told from the perspective of a twelve year old boy, we hope it is written so that even if you cannot relate to the events that are described, you can empathize with the main character you are playing as. This is for the reason that he represents each one of us who will go to any length for what we are passionate about. Perseverance is the underlying theme, and hopefully each person who plays can see himself/herself through our character. The idea of peer-pressure is also a theme throughout; even if we cannot directly relate to this now, at some point during our childhood we may have faced a similar situation, whether it was football-related or otherwise.

The game goes as follows:

The player is presented with a real-life situation and is forced to respond in one of two ways; selecting either path has its consequences. We are currently in the process of creating other scenarios, choosing completely different tracks than the one that is part of the game as of now.

We plan to introduce another other team that the player can choose to support, based on their performance which is told in the form of a story (their wins/losses, etc.) the player will choose who they would like to cheer for.

Game link:

I would like to ask my colleagues if they were able to empathize with the character even if they were not able to relate to them directly. If the answer was no, what element do you think we should add to change that? Do you feel enough description was used for you to understand the events the character encounters, without it being too much to take in? What do you think about the idea of choosing which team to support, rather than the game focusing on the journey of a specific team throughout? Any other comments on the game overall would be much appreciated 🙂


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